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Bin Picking Robots are a highly intelligent, programmable solution where the robotic arm detects the variable size, weight, shape and placement of each part or object and can accurately pick the part from the bin and place it into another bin or kitting station.  

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Robotic Bin Picking System

The scalable robotic bin picking system completes multiple steps in a fast, efficient manner in a reduced picking space. The Picking system can be deployed in a new or existing warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility, and can also function alongside other intralogistics systems. 

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How Do Bin Picking Robots Work?

Our Automated Bin Picking solution can similarly incorporate an Automated Guided Cart (AGC), which moves the robotic bin picking arm from one bin station to the next, picking and placing each part or object into bins or kits. Once it completes its task, the AGC either moves to the next station to complete the next picking task, or it can deliver the bins or kits to the workcell or directly to the manufacturing line, assembly line or packing area. 

Getting Started with Bin Picking Robots

Bin picking robots are part of an integrated system that preconfigures the various complexities of your picking process. With only hours necessary to configure and install, the setup and programming are completed through a series of screens that simulates the motions of the human operator. Wolter's in-house engineers are ready to answer your questions and provide you with next steps.


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