Ergonomics Evaluation

Investing in the health of your employees ensures increased productivity and improves the workplace environment. Utilizing ergonomic solutions and automated equipment helps to reduce the physical burden of repetitive tasks thus lowering the chances of a workplace injury. Learn how you can help protect your personnel and product to maximize your bottom line with a Wolter Ergonomic Evaluation.

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Ergonomics: Keeping People Healthy & Productive 

Efficiency doesn't just come from quality equipment operating smoothly, you need healthy employees too. Ergonomics is the practice of minimizing repetitive, manual human tasks and pairing people with equipment to maximize the performance of both. From End Effectors to Manipulators to Intelligent Cranes, our experts at Wolter will find the custom solutions to optimize the work performance of your workplace while reducing the strain on your team.

Wolter offers a wide array of ergonomic equipment and solutions which can be adopted to any workplace. Check out our selection to see which equipment may be right for you.

By working with our team through our ergonomics evaluation program, we can help you: 

  1. Take the strain out of repetitive lifting tasks
  2. Prevent workplace injuries, increased safety & overall productivity
  3. Lessen product damage caused by poor handling

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