The efficiency of your business and operations are imperative to your bottom line, but more importantly that they are running as safely as possible. Wolter offers a full-service plant & warehouse survey to help evaluate the productivity and safety of your workplace.

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What to Expect From Your Plant & Warehouse Survey

When performing a plant & warehouse survey, our specialists assess the damage to your facility caused by warehouse vehicles, evaluate the condition of your pallet racking, as well as look at ways to improve ergonomics and safety within your facility. Below are a few details on the types of feedback you can expect. 

Damage from Warehouse Vehicles

Forklifts and other material handling equipment can make quite an impact on your plant or warehouse – and not always in a productive way. 

Wolter offers a variety of safety products to help mitigate accidents and enhance safety protocols and procedures, including rack protection, blue forklift safety lights, guard rails, column protectors, and more. 

The Condition of Your Pallet Racking

After your plant and warehouse survey, our specialist will look for any structural damage to your pallet rack, determining whether repairs can be made or if replacement rack components are needed.

Ergonomic Improvement Opportunities

After an evaluation of your current work environment, we suggest improvements to enhance personnel productivity and reduce repetitive injury in the warehouse through a variety of ergonomic solutions.

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