Railcar Mover Training

Have you recently hired a new operator or purchased a new railcar mover?  We offer railcar mover training classes to be conducted at your location. Ensure your operators are performing their job safely by providing the most comprehensive training program for your specific type of railcar moving equipment. We also offer refresher courses.

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About This Course

 A unique learner’s guide and tests will be made for each student for the machine the customer owns. 

Schedule & Time Commitment 

Railcar-Mover training is done at the customer’s location and should be schedule at least one month in advance. Class may take up to 8 hours. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Pre-start inspections
  • Putting the RMC on and off tracks
  • Connecting and disconnecting to cars
  • Using a helper(worker) safely
  • Avoiding collisions with other vehicles
  • Parking the cars and the mover
  • The proper climbing on and off equipment
  • Which is safer: Pulling or pushing a train
  • Stopping and setting brakes
  • Options of which railcars to connect to in a train
  • Communication with helper


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