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Is it Time to Replace Your Forklift Tires?

A brand new set of forklift tires make for a smooth ride. However, new tires are also a key factor when considering your operators and employees in the surrounding area. Just think about it, the average-sized forklift tires support nearly 10,000 pounds! This means they are the most important component of your equipment. It is important to watch their condition to know when it’s time for replacing forklift tires.

How do you know when to replace forklift tires?

First, take a look at your tire’s wear line. This line is often referred to as the “50% wear line”. When your tires meet this line, it’s time to replace them.

Next, watch out for chunking. If you see that pieces of your tires are lying around the work area, it is once again time for them to be replaced.

Finally, your tires should be round. If they appear to be flat in any place, this is another red flag for replacing forklift tires.

Take action and replace your tires before they become a hazard!