How a Pallet Dispenser Saves You Space

How a Pallet Dispenser Saves You Space

Does your company have piles of empty pallets stacked haphazardly across the warehouse floor? If so, both your employees and productivity are at risk.

Manually stacking a few pallets is often a quick solution to pallet storage, but these stacks can quickly reach above shoulder level which becomes dangerous. Even if two employees lift the pallet together, there’s still a loss in productivity. If employees are dragging pallets across the ground, lifting them above their heads, or leaning them against the stack, the pallets could easily fall onto the floor or worse, an employee. No one wants broken pallets or broken limbs.

Fortunately, there are semi-automated solutions that solve these issues. A pallet magazine & dispenser places pallets on the floor level where it can be safely transferred by a manual or electric pallet truck. The same dispenser can also be used to restack pallets in an unloading operation. For those looking to fully automate the process, the pickup of a pallet or return of a pallet can be done by an autonomous mobile robot (AMR).

Investing in a pallet dispenser both saves space and improves employee safety. To see how to use a pallet dispenser or learn more about its other benefits, watch this video:

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