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How Clean is Your Generator’s Fuel?

Diesel fuel maintenance is an important component to consider as part of your generator’s routine preventative maintenance. Water, dirt, and algae impurities build up in diesel holding tanks in as little as 6 months and could cause a start-up malfunction when your generator is needed most.

There are clear indications to check for to determine when it is time to have diesel fuel polishing performed:

What to look for in your generator’s fuel

  • Fuel is dark in color
  • A muddy mass built up
  • An abnormal odor
  • A dirty fuel system
  • Mysterious contamination

 What to take notice in your engine

  • Clouded exhaust
  • Corroded injectors
  • Clogged fuel lines & filters

What you can do to prevent a start-up malfunction

Fortunately, there is a generator service dedicated to treat these exact symptoms—diesel fuel polishing service. Benefits include: 

  • Extended engine and fuel system life
  • Improved combustion and fuel economy 
  • Reduced fuel filter clogging
  • Cleans fuel injection system

Contact us to learn more about diesel fuel polishing, and how we can help with all of your generator and engine servicing needs. 

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