lithium-ion batteries for longer shifts

The Benefits of Opting for Lithium-Ion Batteries

The benefits that lithium-ion technology can bring to your facility are tailored around the business that seeks a ‘green’ solution. The science behind the lithium-ion battery is to use less energy and eliminate emissions of lead and acids.

Now for the good stuff: This alternative is ideal for the one seeking a long-lasting, powerful battery that creates little to no safety concern for those working on or around batteries. It also doesn’t hurt that going with the less high maintenance battery provides operators with 8 hours of use all from a 1-hour charge duration.

When it is time to run two or three shifts, you can eliminate the lengthy and frequent process of having to swap out the dead battery, as lithium-ion batteries tend to last 3-5 times longer with their 1-hour plug and play mentality!

Although the perks are difficult to argue, the most important piece is that lithium-ion technology allows its users a safer and more efficient option to get the job done.

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